About Cassandra Hill

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After completing her B.A. in Speech Language Pathology from Columbia College and her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from South Carolina State University, she honed her skills as a medical SLP in the hospital and nursing home settings. Ms. Hill studied under Dr. Wayne Holland at Lakeshore Ear Nose and Throat Center in St. Clair Shores, Michigan to gain a specialty in voice disorders and now works with singers, public speakers, teachers, radio announcers, and other dysphonia patients to rehab their voices. Etiologies range from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, to functional voice disorders like having a glottal fry or vocal nodules suffered by teachers and cheerleaders alike. 

Ms. Hill established her private practice, Speech Therapy Enterprises, in 2012 and began serving the pediatric through to the geriatric populations. Ms. Hill provides speech acquisition to toddlers with developmental delays. To improve communication skills among students of all ages, Ms. Hill analysis one’s receptive and expressive language skills. To increase one’s intelligibility of speech, Ms. Hill analysis one’s articulation skills with a specialty in reducing phonological processing disorders as well. Ms. Hill also addresses fluency disorders to reduce stuttering and cluttering providing confidence to communicate in all social settings. Further, Ms. Hill specializes in Dysphagia and works with patients impacted by aphasia post stroke. For adults impacted by dementia, Ms. Hill works to provide the patient with tasks to maintain functional communication skills. 

If you feel Ms. Hill can address your communication needs, feel free to email her to request an evaluation. Most insurances are accepted. 

Cassandra Hill