Accent Reduction

Reduce Your Accent and Maximize Your English Pronunciation!
Speech therapist and accent reduction specialist Cassandra Hill-RiveraToday, there’s is a large population of individuals who speak with a foreign accent but want to improve their “English Pronunciation” to enhance their communication skills. My name is Cassandra Hill MA CCC-SLP and I am a certified P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Instructor having completed my training with The Institute of Language & Phonology. “Code Switching” is a term I use to teach my clients that they’re able to speak with a heavy accent among their friends and family that can understand them but to also be able to “Code Switch” in a professional setting to decrease their accent and maximize their “English Pronunciation” communications skills vocationally.

The Compton P-ESL Method
Here at Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC, we use the Compton P-ESL method established by Arthur J. Compton, Ph.D., who has conducted 30+ years of research in the area of accent modification for over 40 different languages. This method has been proven to reduce one’s accent by 50 to 70%. Here at Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC we are capable of constructing treatment plans for individuals or for groups of employees employed at Fortune 500 companies in need of accent modification to improve communication skills enhancing their intelligibility of speech. We will:

  1. Assess the individual’s current level of intelligibility
  2. Provide an analysis of phoneme structures that are present, missing or distorted that impact intelligibility of speech
  3. Establish goals and objectives that are comprehensive and pertinent to the individual and will allow him to speak more clearly
  4. Introduce the proper English Pronunciation which focuses on articulation skills, intonation, rate, tension and resonance of speech
  5. Provide supportive computerized daily intervention tools that will allow the individual to increase their awareness of placement, stress, timing, intonational patterns as well as target pitch and/or amplitude patterns in order to match and approximate speech production to the desired American Cultural Style of speaking
  6. Deliver a final assessment of achieved goals and objectives that are mastered and establish a percentage increased intelligibility as a result of participation in the Comp P-ESL program. This allows the individual to communicate more effectively and efficiently

Eliminate your frustration of not being understood and constantly having to repeat yourself because of your accent. Learn how to use the “English Pronunciation” of language to your advantage!

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