PEDIATRICS:  If your child has completed a speech and language screening and it is recommended that he/she has an evaluation, you may schedule an evaluation at Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC.

What are evaluations?:  Evaluations for speech and language development consist of a core battery of testing materials that will assess the speech and language skills of the child in need.  Depending on the child’s needs, portions of assessments may also be used to evaluate a child’s speech and language skills.

Core testing materials yield scores that are standardized and therefore guide the speech language pathologist in the areas of speech and language development that should be targeted and addressed for intervention.

Testing Materials utilized at Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC are:

GFTA: Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation

KLPA: Khan Lewis Phonological Analysis:  Phonological Assessment

ROWPVT:  Receptive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test

Once the evaluation is complete, intervention may be a necessary next step.  Learn more about intervention by clicking here.

EOWPVT:  Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test

PLS-5:  Preschool Language Scale 5

CELF-4:  Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals